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Visit us on Sial Middle East 2017 from 12th-14th December

Sial 1The need for water conservation is becoming more and more apparent as drought and other environmental pressures like global warming are affecting our water resources. Nevra is coming to UAE to provide a new experience about mineral water, to emphasize the balance of natural contents and its taste as a perfect combination for the human consumption.

Alongside the many unique features of Nevra water, the one unique quality that distinguishes this product from others in the market is that it is sourced from a natural spring in Bosnia & Herzegovina Sodium free; Nevra water is one of the few natural waters worldwide that naturally contains 0.002 mg / L only. It is tested regularly and certified by various and reputable institutes in the European Union and soon the UAE.

You will have a chance to visit us on Sial Middle East 2017 from 12th – 14th December, have a chat and learn more!

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